Get rid of self-doubt & lack of confidence once and for all

Jo Ellen is a multi-certified life and business coach who specializes in using a logical and mindfulness 12-step program. This whole brain approach was developed from her substantive and multi-faceted business background along with her training in Law of Attraction, Infinite Possibilities, and metaphysics.

She is a co-author of a best-selling book, Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers Vol. 5; is a speaker; and former Registered Nurse. Jo Ellen has served in influential, respected leadership roles in corporate healthcare based on her business acumen and strong people skills. Her experience as an international traveler and living abroad has only enhanced her global perspective in coaching.

She turned to her boutique consultancy coaching business to focus on individuals needing clarity and direction using her unique logical and mindfulness 12-step program.  With this, she is able to create new neural pathways to effect life-long change resulting in men and women of all ages learning to believe in themselves and achieve their personal, professional & ‘financial’’ best.  Her 12-step programgives you a GPS system that is set to your desired destination. No need to worry over every turn along the way with her guidance.  Let Jo Ellen help you transform your tomorrows once and for all to reach that once illusive destination.

Thriving is our default setting, not Surviving”. We ARE Creators! – – Mike Dooley

A Little Bit About Me

Jo Ellen Newman, MBA
Certified Life & Business Coach, Speaker &
Trainer of Infinite Possibilities

I am a former RN, former business development specialist and corporate healthcare executive who now chooses to coach people to really live the life of their dreams.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in Transforming Your Tomorrows! Jo Ellen


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