If you had one wish what would you wish for?

At first thought, I had so many things to wish for. I would love to be able to reach a lot of people and really connect, enjoy great health, see my family succeeding in the life of their dreams. Of course, these are just some personal wishes. I have others for the world. One wish might be to have a process where we are working efficiently in government or schools. How is it in this day and age that we still have such poor efficiency in our beaurocratic services? We have the phrase common sense but is it so common? No? Why is that? I digress but the thought is related becuse it’s a wish to see people empowered to improve processes when we see things so inefficient but hamstrung to effect change because of beauracratic operational constraints.

My big dreams for the world is wouldn’t it be great if we really had world peace and we didn’t associate Isis with a terror group but we honored the Egyptian Isis? How do we as one person begin to effect change within society when we are only one person? Voting impacts legislative changes but seems so distant and beyond our control with just one vote. No, my dream would be to have each of us be civil enough and open enough to consider the possibility of changing the world with OUR thoughts. Can you think back to a time when you thought an intention and it came true?

What do these wishes have to do with Infinite Possibilities? Everything! IP has the power to create change for all of us just by recognizing the POWER our thoughts have in the direction of our lives and what is manifested.

The most important wish I’ve learned is the ONE wish for me to continue think about my dreams. I POWER my destiny by what I think. I CAN change inefficient processes IF that is indeed what I want to focus on and spend my energy on. I CAN lose weight if I am able to focus my thoughts on my end result, my goal and take actions in the direction of that dream. Little by little, step-by-step. No one is stopping me but limiting beliefs. This ONE thought to always continue… That’s my wish, to always have the ability to think! I believe we can change our tomorrows – Mike Dooley’s phrase: Thouhgts become Things, choose the good ones. What are you thinking about? Do your thoughts serve you or are they roadblocks to your success?

Join me in delving into limited beliefs preventing our success to living a limitless life.

The test on the power of thoughts

While this video happens to be an ad from my host website I thought it captured an essence of the power of our thoughts and what we can create. Using the power of technology we can create almost anything and yet we tend to discount the massive power of our mind, our own personal super use, super computer that all we have to do is to tap into the ulimited thoughts and begin a bit of discipline to harness that power. One of the greatest tools Mike Dooley recommended was honoring your creative time by using a personal timer for your creative visualizations. I recommend as well, setting aside 10 minutes a day to play, to think wild, creative, crazy, colorful thoughts that could propel you to the destination of your dreams. This exercise not only raises your vibrations but it also tells the Universe that you are thinking about the creation, the manifestation of your dreams. No architect could begin to design and build a structure without first THINKING those thoughts. Look at the albeit manufactured stars from our man-made technology. Can you define a dream that you have that you would like to bring to life? Begin with visualizing. Only a small step until next time when I talk about taking ACTION in the direction of your dreams. We cannot see what is eluding us around the corner but we can think thoughts of what will be there and then work in that direction. Fantastic Thinking ALL! 🙂

Where Will You Be in 2016?

I’m hosting a full day seminar to help people create intentions for 2016. Transforming Your Tomorrows is all about looking at setting intentions, breaking through beliefs that might inhibit you from your success. Beliefs are tough. Who are we but our matrix of simple and complex belief systems. Many of us have beliefs with one sort of philosophy or religion or tackle beliefs on something as simple as that it’s hard to lose weight. A belief I too work on. Beliefs, without trying to be the wolf is definitely at least one wolf preventing you from reaching your end result.

This full day program will walk you through setting actionable Intentions. Life is Magical and your 2016 is only limited by the thoughts you choose. This workshop will briefly take you through beliefs; emotions; taking action; instincts, hunches, dreams and desires to faith and the magical Universe. **Faith means having confidence in something you cannot see. This class is NOT aligned with any Religion and as the instructor, I believe whatever word you choose for your Divinity is simply one word you hold dear, but most importantly, one means where we are ONE with the creator.

I hope to see you at Healing Harmony Wellness Center, Saturday, December 5th, 9 – 4 pm.

Opt to add the VIP dinner with myself and my special guest flying in from New York, Cynthia Farina, Intuitive Guide. You will have continued personalized attention on this topic and your 2016 Intentions. Click here for more information.

Which Wolf are You Feeding? Get clarity and direction for 2016.

Where is Your Hunger and What Wolf Will You Feed in 2016

I hosted a workshop recently to get attendees focused on where they are going in 2016. What’s their end result? What stops them? What emotions will fuel them to sustain consistent actions in the directions of their dreams? I have to say, this morning it was time to take my own medicine.

For those who know me personally, they know I struggle with my weight. I am a successful executive. I make things happen and yet I consistently allow my beliefs and patterns of activities to thwart my ultimate success for MYSELF! I decided today, just for today, I would walk. It’s my start toward my end result – 40 LB’s lighter and to become a bit stronger in the process.

I ask you, where is your greatest hunger? What wolf are you feeding? For me, my current greatest pain point is my weight – perhaps a symptom of other things but that’s for another blog.

Setting intentions is all about reaching real clarity with yourself. What is your greatest pain point that you want to change or what is your greatest DESIRE you want to put out into the world? Something so powerful that you just won’t stop until that happens. Your PASSION will fuel either fire – PAIN or ASPIRATIONS, it’s your choice. Whichever one you are starting from, start with being honest to yourself and WRITE your ultimate end result for 2016 that you want to get to. You will never guess all of the curves or roadblocks that might be presented, kind of like a GPS system in your car. You enter the end result – the address, and you just follow the voice telling you which way to go. You have no way of knowing that you will turn onto 16th street as part of that process. As you drive you are MOVING in the direction of your desired end result.

So on the beautiful, balmy S. FL Christmas Eve, I ask you to get really clear on your end result for 2016. Write down your goal, carry it with you daily, put up post-it notes on your mirror, in your car. Don’t let life, however it shows up, detour you from remembering where you want to be at this time next year. If you will do that, I will blog once a week to guide you along that path to success. Let’s move into our power that only we can own – right now, just for today. YOU ARE A CREATOR! Just breathe into that for a minute. Wow, doesn’t that feel powerful?

Until next week, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays to ALL.

Buying a Stairway to Heaven

Multi-Day Conferences – Stairway to Heaven or ???

I’ve recently attended some 2 or 3 day conferences that left me wondering about tactics being used in selling programs. Why do we attend programs that are several hundred dollars first of all? We want information that the host purportedly has to share with us so that we, the attendee, can walk away with actionable information that enhances our goal or motive for attending such an event.

I offer this insight though. Buyer beware! Much of your desired information, if not all is available online! If it’s not, it’s probably available on google to search for services in your neighborhood. Also, when you’re attending a conference and the entire conference is coordinated in such a way to upsell, you know you just paid for a program that will put fire to your feet to try to get you to buy the upsell service. If it feels good and you HAVE the income and feel secure to make more purchases then follow your heart and economic good sense. I’m not sure that is always the case.

My recent foray into attending multi-day conferences produced some results. There was, however, a significant amount of time spent on upselling products that created pressure to purchase the said product. Meaning the entire conference was orchestrated in such a way to position you, the attendee, to purchase the upsell. Teaching attendees how to increase their cc limit, lower their interest rates worked as the first phase. These are in fact very good techniques to know, but hey, I already have excellent credit with significant money available to me now and still don’t access that. Why would I want to raise my limits when I don’t use what’s available to me now? I got no answer when I approached on of the ‘go to’ resources. As the w/e continued, we learned significant selling skills, useful yes. What was working in our message, what was not. However, I was hesitant to continue to sell my small product because I could clearly see this was not the market interested in what I had available at the time & frankly to sell items I had yet to create put the pressure on me to produce based on their timeline, not mine. Yes, they are trying to move people out of their comfort zone and push production but I’m not sure this is always successful. I had listened to a conference call the night before this particular conference started and one caller complained of someone who never delivered from a prior event and was the company offering any help. No help there. The conference created an environment for sales and it was a rather high pressure environment to sell & buy. Keep buying or what more can you sell or create to sell? How is this group doing compared to another group? Forget about what is available to buy, just buy and get the sales number up. We’re competing against someone or some other product that we have no knowledge of. So the pressure to buy within this controlled marketplace is significant and the host holds no responsibility to insure accountability from the attendees that it is delivered. Frankly, there was a lot that I was not interested in buying. Items seemed underwhelming to me. A lot of the attendees were into the arts, as I would call it and I had no need for these services at this time. Being there and getting business cards was helpful and I did purchase a few technology services. I’m not sure I had to fork out the several hundred dollars in order to buy those same services. I’m not overly frugal, ask my husband, but I am pretty conscientious in where and how I spend my money.

When it’s a few hundred on the upselling product, you might very well have that cash on hand and not be concerned about another purchase but, as was my experience; upsells I’ve recently experienced ranged from $5000 to $24,000. I am not, nor ever have been, comfortable with making rash decisions. There was even another $1500 off if you made that decision that very day. Wow, you know how long it takes me to buy a car? Weeks! Yes, I pay more than that on my cars but still, that’s not pocket change, I like to think about it, FEEL how it feels to me to spend that kind of money. The speaker made a statement to the effect, just take your life forward and figure out the how’s (paying for it) later. My concern – that’s easy for him to say. He doesn’t know the financial stability of this audience.

Why do I still say buyer beware? Because so much time was spent on getting people emotionally engaged (tears and all) to tap into why they were failing at financial success and then, with just enough poignant moments positioned us to hear about how successful their multi-thousand dollar program could almost guarantee them significant ($million +) success. Hmmm. I saw over 10 people sign up for this program. Maybe they had the $24K available without significant concern to defaulting on their payments, but maybe a few of them didn’t.

I believe people were truly evangelized to purchase this product after emotionally engaging videos, stories or exercises that tore people down about the ‘lack or what’s holding them back’ in their lives. After that you’re emotionally vulnerable, feel like crap, of course it made sense to invest in the higher level program, right?. One young teen just sobbed after this one exercise. Really??? Her life has yet to even start in the world of wheeling and dealing of commerce.

I left after that and discussed this experience with my friend. I believe she stated it pretty clearly, this type of conference is a mind f… Simply put, you’re in a controlled environment for several days and experience emotionally charged events that ultimately are wrapped around being given a very hard sell for the next (very costly) level. In my opinion, conferences should present like a learning academy. Upsells can and should be available but not spending so much time proving to the attendee that you’re not enough yet, that you need this, go buy it (whether you can afford it or not). Any time that happens, buyer beware. You ARE good enough, you CAN do it and NO ONE needs to make you feel like this is the ONLY program that will get you to be RICH. Stop being greedy and just search out your answers on the internet. Be the student and forever stand in your own power, don’t be a follower, unless of course you have the cash on hand to follow.

Friday’s Frequencies: Crossing the Great Election Divide

Our change of leadership in America has many of us reeling back on our heels. Some are angry. Some are happy, others sad or even devastated by this change.

As a life and business coach who lives to assist others shift their shit I believe it’s key to start by keeping things in perspective. Let’s try to stay in today, stay present and not look toward either grandiose outcomes or devastation for our future. Yes, things will change, undeniably. But I ask you, how are your thoughts of the future filled with great fear or trepidation serving you or others? You are an Infinite being who is the creator of your life. Which wolf are you feeding by only looking at a future that holds fear?

Just for now, allow yourself to host your sad feelings – but set a time limit, if possible. Please try not to dwell there. No one died, as in 9/11 or in Mosul. Our wars are (primarily) still fought on foreign soil. Realize your perception is creating your drama but then try to distance yourself from it. The sun is still shining in South Florida. There’s a sense of solace in watching a man mow a lawn on a rider lawn mower just going up and down, back and forth. Life goes on. Perhaps not as expected from those who were on the losing side of this campaign but none the less, our country will go on.

Let me help you shift your perspective just a little by getting to a better feeling place. Look back and reflect on our history and compare it to what we have now. We created a magnificent country whether we had a Republican or Democrat in the White House. Look at the growth, the creativity. Yes, we’ve had painful lessons, but didn’t they too teach us more about the country we wanted to live in or create? Try to envision or even acknowledge we will continue to create magnificence, we just can’t see the outcome yet. If we just look or acknowledge a glass half full (or half empty) we forget to recognize the total glass that is holding both air and liquid. One perspective misses so very much.

This is a time of massive and very rapid change. We can’t see the miracles until they have occurred and we are able to look back at them.

Now feel the beauty of your breath (yes, please take a deep, cleansing breath) and know you are here NOW on this wonderful playground of earth that has contrasts that support our learning, our continued expansion. Where else in your life have you had moments of laughter, fulfillment, joy after experiencing great disappointment? We are meant to always grow and expand and get back to the place that brings us joy. Which place feels better? Match the good feelings and their vibrational frequency. Will you choose to lead and live from that higher frequency?

I look at challenges as opportunities so I am choosing to get to a feeling place of curiosity or even in an observing position of my contrasting party. What are they seeing that I can’t? What are they not seeing from my perspective? Not judging, just looking, observing. Look for the good, yes, even in the party that contrasts your political viewpoint. Lead your life from there. Leadership means we take the high road; we change our behaviors to reflect the change we seek, we communicate, really connect and set expectations for an expanded version of our country and work toward reinforcing that goal. We always expand. Build human bridges. Find potential for agreement. Lose the judgment and listen. Evaluate from a higher perspective, even unworldly if that is what calls to you.

Next, ask what if…. What if I can make a difference in this great time of change? What are my thoughts that I’m thinking that will be manifested? Are they serving me and the greater good? What next best action will you take? Magnify your light and take that into society and trust all is unfolding as it is meant to be. **Einstein said, “If you do what you did, you will get what you got.” Raise your vibration and trust in your power. Change will continue with you or without you. How will you show up?

It all starts with you and the thoughts you think first! Start Now to create a country that has no room for fear.

Jo Ellen is a motivational speaker, certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, life and business coach and previous corporate executive. In giving back to society she is offering up to 8 lucky people up to 10 hours of FREE coaching hours for those with the most shares of her web page. Please visit: www.transformingyourtomorrows.com.


Dream Big…and Start NOW!

“What holds most people back isn’t the quality of their lives but their lack of faith in themselves. You have to live your life as if you are already where you want to be.” Russell Simmons.

I love this quote because it is so true. Manifesting dreams into reality comes about after we have taken action in the direction of the dream we wish to manifest, but we must also believe it is already there for us. Just like the saying success leaves clues. There are habits that support eventual success. No ONE has an edge over you and what you have to offer this world. Recall a time when you experienced a successful moment. Remember how you felt and let those feelings power your momentum forward. Take today to develop your shining success hapbits in the direction of your dreams.

My daily habits are meditations, affirmations, gratitude statements and more. They support my state-of-mind and how I want to function throughout my day.

The Oracle card I pulled for today was from Collette Baron-Reid’s deck, Wisdom of the Oracle: Between 2 Worlds-means be patient with yourself and know that Spirit has your back. You will get there one step at-a-time. Believe in your dream, take inspired action!.

See you tomorrow. xoxo


Create Options by Asking: What IF….?

As a Law of Attraction coach we learn to hold our vision of an event, person or action before experiencing an intended experience or coaching session. Holding a vision allows me to work for the highest good of others and myself and energetically be prepared for my day. I set an expectation of how I want to have things play out or can be also stated as: my thoughts determine my direction.

Daily, I ask myself the following questions what do I want today, Why do I want it and How do I want to feel? Those questions set the organizational tone for my day. Sure, there are events that sometimes might derail those with the best intentions but starting out with a plan and an attitude for the day gives you an advantage to succeed in the direction you want to move in.

Another powerful question is What if? The “What if” question allows me to shift my perspective on my point of view or attitude on a subject. It allows space for someone else’s perspective to be right, it allows space for a different answer. By asking this question allows me to be delighted with a different answer that I may not have realized was an option. I choose this question to allow someone else to have their day in the sun if you will, or for me to look at something in a different way. That is powerful! By simply asking that question allows a whole new world to emerge. After all, if we never think to look at something differently there never will be the possibility for something new, some growth, some discovery. Isn’t that what scientists, explorers ask, What if I do this, or What if I approach it that way? As this new year unfolds, I ask you, what if you look at something differently? What if you look at something from another’s perspective? What if you shift your emotions and play with a different feeling about something. You don’t have to change your feelings but just playing with the thought of having a different opinion or feeling about something gives you the power to shift those feelings if you want to. That question, once employed allows a whole wondrous adventure to new answers. Einstein coined the phrase, If we do what we did, we will get what we got. It’s time to think differently. How will you choose to experience this new year?


Why Hire A Life Coach

Why do people hire business and life coaches? Because we tend to live more out of habit than out of intention. We wake up on the same side of the bed each day, follow our morning routines without thought of changing anything. We also tend to drive the same way to and from work, ask the very same questions in how to resolve any concerns we may have, and we listen to the same music. What are we doing new? What do we explore new? Do we even try? Do we know where to begin? Time marches on and many of us who’ve reached middle age have mid-life crises. Why is that? We own our lives. We have made the choices in our lives and yet, after a health scare, after a certain age, awareness, a check-in with our life invokes panic because we find we are not living the life we dream of.

These are the very reasons to wake up and hire a coach, a mentor, if you will. What do you dream for and your not currently living? It’s taking stock of what’s not working and realizing that if you’ve just created what you’re not satisfied with you can very well create what you dream of.

What holds us back from taking action? Often doubt and those incessant mind-chatter feelings of ‘I’m not enough’ stop us from pursuing exactly what we want. Perhaps we don’t want to hurt people if we change anything in our lives. Perhaps we perceive a risk too great to step beyond the comfort to explore and go for our dreams. After all, our habits support something we have found quite comfortable. 95 to 97% of people who go on diets don’t keep the weight off after 1 to 5 years. I’m one of them, at least so far. **I have my own coach now too. We live out of habit from the same pattern of thoughts we think, from the same beliefs we created. If our thoughts and beliefs drive the same behavior after all of these many years do you really think you will change anything without someone testing your old habits, asking you NEW questions, shifting old perspectives? As an Infinite Possibilities trainer and Law of Attraction life coach as well as having been a successful corporate executive I would submit that most people don’t take the step over the cliff until pushed. That’s why so many people really do change their eating habits after they have gotten quite sick or stopped smoking because they’ve had a significant scare.

I’m here to tell you I see people shift their lives in 1 hour of my coaching. I specialize in using left and right brain techniques that teaches one to begin to use their ‘whole brain’ and form new pathways of thinking. Neurons begin to fire a different way. Think differently then your old beliefs that really don’t serve you begin to change as well. Shift Happens!!! Everybody needs to anchor these new beliefs by taking action, learning new tools. I provide anchoring tools so that you have new actions to take or recall feelings of being totally empowered from self-discovery exercises I take you through. You rediscover you are the hero, the director, the ultimate manifestor of your life and that power, that force, then propels you into the directions of your desired outcomes and ultimate dreams. You discover beliefs that now serve you through my coaching exercises. You discover how to think differently by being exposed to tools that you have never considered using before. Quantum science is an emerging field that is proving how our energy fields expand with the thoughts we think. I just want to be the one coach to help you discover how big your world really can be! 🙂 It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s powerful!