Create Options by Asking: What IF….?

As a Law of Attraction coach we learn to hold our vision of an event, person or action before experiencing an intended experience or coaching session. Holding a vision allows me to work for the highest good of others and myself and energetically be prepared for my day. I set an expectation of how I want to have things play out or can be also stated as: my thoughts determine my direction.

Daily, I ask myself the following questions what do I want today, Why do I want it and How do I want to feel? Those questions set the organizational tone for my day. Sure, there are events that sometimes might derail those with the best intentions but starting out with a plan and an attitude for the day gives you an advantage to succeed in the direction you want to move in.

Another powerful question is What if? The “What if” question allows me to shift my perspective on my point of view or attitude on a subject. It allows space for someone else’s perspective to be right, it allows space for a different answer. By asking this question allows me to be delighted with a different answer that I may not have realized was an option. I choose this question to allow someone else to have their day in the sun if you will, or for me to look at something in a different way. That is powerful! By simply asking that question allows a whole new world to emerge. After all, if we never think to look at something differently there never will be the possibility for something new, some growth, some discovery. Isn’t that what scientists, explorers ask, What if I do this, or What if I approach it that way? As this new year unfolds, I ask you, what if you look at something differently? What if you look at something from another’s perspective? What if you shift your emotions and play with a different feeling about something. You don’t have to change your feelings but just playing with the thought of having a different opinion or feeling about something gives you the power to shift those feelings if you want to. That question, once employed allows a whole wondrous adventure to new answers. Einstein coined the phrase, If we do what we did, we will get what we got. It’s time to think differently. How will you choose to experience this new year?