Friday’s Frequencies: Crossing the Great Election Divide

Our change of leadership in America has many of us reeling back on our heels. Some are angry. Some are happy, others sad or even devastated by this change.

As a life and business coach who lives to assist others shift their shit I believe it’s key to start by keeping things in perspective. Let’s try to stay in today, stay present and not look toward either grandiose outcomes or devastation for our future. Yes, things will change, undeniably. But I ask you, how are your thoughts of the future filled with great fear or trepidation serving you or others? You are an Infinite being who is the creator of your life. Which wolf are you feeding by only looking at a future that holds fear?

Just for now, allow yourself to host your sad feelings – but set a time limit, if possible. Please try not to dwell there. No one died, as in 9/11 or in Mosul. Our wars are (primarily) still fought on foreign soil. Realize your perception is creating your drama but then try to distance yourself from it. The sun is still shining in South Florida. There’s a sense of solace in watching a man mow a lawn on a rider lawn mower just going up and down, back and forth. Life goes on. Perhaps not as expected from those who were on the losing side of this campaign but none the less, our country will go on.

Let me help you shift your perspective just a little by getting to a better feeling place. Look back and reflect on our history and compare it to what we have now. We created a magnificent country whether we had a Republican or Democrat in the White House. Look at the growth, the creativity. Yes, we’ve had painful lessons, but didn’t they too teach us more about the country we wanted to live in or create? Try to envision or even acknowledge we will continue to create magnificence, we just can’t see the outcome yet. If we just look or acknowledge a glass half full (or half empty) we forget to recognize the total glass that is holding both air and liquid. One perspective misses so very much.

This is a time of massive and very rapid change. We can’t see the miracles until they have occurred and we are able to look back at them.

Now feel the beauty of your breath (yes, please take a deep, cleansing breath) and know you are here NOW on this wonderful playground of earth that has contrasts that support our learning, our continued expansion. Where else in your life have you had moments of laughter, fulfillment, joy after experiencing great disappointment? We are meant to always grow and expand and get back to the place that brings us joy. Which place feels better? Match the good feelings and their vibrational frequency. Will you choose to lead and live from that higher frequency?

I look at challenges as opportunities so I am choosing to get to a feeling place of curiosity or even in an observing position of my contrasting party. What are they seeing that I can’t? What are they not seeing from my perspective? Not judging, just looking, observing. Look for the good, yes, even in the party that contrasts your political viewpoint. Lead your life from there. Leadership means we take the high road; we change our behaviors to reflect the change we seek, we communicate, really connect and set expectations for an expanded version of our country and work toward reinforcing that goal. We always expand. Build human bridges. Find potential for agreement. Lose the judgment and listen. Evaluate from a higher perspective, even unworldly if that is what calls to you.

Next, ask what if…. What if I can make a difference in this great time of change? What are my thoughts that I’m thinking that will be manifested? Are they serving me and the greater good? What next best action will you take? Magnify your light and take that into society and trust all is unfolding as it is meant to be. **Einstein said, “If you do what you did, you will get what you got.” Raise your vibration and trust in your power. Change will continue with you or without you. How will you show up?

It all starts with you and the thoughts you think first! Start Now to create a country that has no room for fear.

Jo Ellen is a motivational speaker, certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, life and business coach and previous corporate executive. In giving back to society she is offering up to 8 lucky people up to 10 hours of FREE coaching hours for those with the most shares of her web page. Please visit: