If you had one wish what would you wish for?

At first thought, I had so many things to wish for. I would love to be able to reach a lot of people and really connect, enjoy great health, see my family succeeding in the life of their dreams. Of course, these are just some personal wishes. I have others for the world. One wish might be to have a process where we are working efficiently in government or schools. How is it in this day and age that we still have such poor efficiency in our beaurocratic services? We have the phrase common sense but is it so common? No? Why is that? I digress but the thought is related becuse it’s a wish to see people empowered to improve processes when we see things so inefficient but hamstrung to effect change because of beauracratic operational constraints.

My big dreams for the world is wouldn’t it be great if we really had world peace and we didn’t associate Isis with a terror group but we honored the Egyptian Isis? How do we as one person begin to effect change within society when we are only one person? Voting impacts legislative changes but seems so distant and beyond our control with just one vote. No, my dream would be to have each of us be civil enough and open enough to consider the possibility of changing the world with OUR thoughts. Can you think back to a time when you thought an intention and it came true?

What do these wishes have to do with Infinite Possibilities? Everything! IP has the power to create change for all of us just by recognizing the POWER our thoughts have in the direction of our lives and what is manifested.

The most important wish I’ve learned is the ONE wish for me to continue think about my dreams. I POWER my destiny by what I think. I CAN change inefficient processes IF that is indeed what I want to focus on and spend my energy on. I CAN lose weight if I am able to focus my thoughts on my end result, my goal and take actions in the direction of that dream. Little by little, step-by-step. No one is stopping me but limiting beliefs. This ONE thought to always continue… That’s my wish, to always have the ability to think! I believe we can change our tomorrows – Mike Dooley’s phrase: Thouhgts become Things, choose the good ones. What are you thinking about? Do your thoughts serve you or are they roadblocks to your success?

Join me in delving into limited beliefs preventing our success to living a limitless life.