The test on the power of thoughts

While this video happens to be an ad from my host website I thought it captured an essence of the power of our thoughts and what we can create. Using the power of technology we can create almost anything and yet we tend to discount the massive power of our mind, our own personal super use, super computer that all we have to do is to tap into the ulimited thoughts and begin a bit of discipline to harness that power. One of the greatest tools Mike Dooley recommended was honoring your creative time by using a personal timer for your creative visualizations. I recommend as well, setting aside 10 minutes a day to play, to think wild, creative, crazy, colorful thoughts that could propel you to the destination of your dreams. This exercise not only raises your vibrations but it also tells the Universe that you are thinking about the creation, the manifestation of your dreams. No architect could begin to design and build a structure without first THINKING those thoughts. Look at the albeit manufactured stars from our man-made technology. Can you define a dream that you have that you would like to bring to life? Begin with visualizing. Only a small step until next time when I talk about taking ACTION in the direction of your dreams. We cannot see what is eluding us around the corner but we can think thoughts of what will be there and then work in that direction. Fantastic Thinking ALL! 🙂