Where is Your Hunger and What Wolf Will You Feed in 2016

I hosted a workshop recently to get attendees focused on where they are going in 2016. What’s their end result? What stops them? What emotions will fuel them to sustain consistent actions in the directions of their dreams? I have to say, this morning it was time to take my own medicine.

For those who know me personally, they know I struggle with my weight. I am a successful executive. I make things happen and yet I consistently allow my beliefs and patterns of activities to thwart my ultimate success for MYSELF! I decided today, just for today, I would walk. It’s my start toward my end result – 40 LB’s lighter and to become a bit stronger in the process.

I ask you, where is your greatest hunger? What wolf are you feeding? For me, my current greatest pain point is my weight – perhaps a symptom of other things but that’s for another blog.

Setting intentions is all about reaching real clarity with yourself. What is your greatest pain point that you want to change or what is your greatest DESIRE you want to put out into the world? Something so powerful that you just won’t stop until that happens. Your PASSION will fuel either fire – PAIN or ASPIRATIONS, it’s your choice. Whichever one you are starting from, start with being honest to yourself and WRITE your ultimate end result for 2016 that you want to get to. You will never guess all of the curves or roadblocks that might be presented, kind of like a GPS system in your car. You enter the end result – the address, and you just follow the voice telling you which way to go. You have no way of knowing that you will turn onto 16th street as part of that process. As you drive you are MOVING in the direction of your desired end result.

So on the beautiful, balmy S. FL Christmas Eve, I ask you to get really clear on your end result for 2016. Write down your goal, carry it with you daily, put up post-it notes on your mirror, in your car. Don’t let life, however it shows up, detour you from remembering where you want to be at this time next year. If you will do that, I will blog once a week to guide you along that path to success. Let’s move into our power that only we can own – right now, just for today. YOU ARE A CREATOR! Just breathe into that for a minute. Wow, doesn’t that feel powerful?

Until next week, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays to ALL.