Where Will You Be in 2016?

I’m hosting a full day seminar to help people create intentions for 2016. Transforming Your Tomorrows is all about looking at setting intentions, breaking through beliefs that might inhibit you from your success. Beliefs are tough. Who are we but our matrix of simple and complex belief systems. Many of us have beliefs with one sort of philosophy or religion or tackle beliefs on something as simple as that it’s hard to lose weight. A belief I too work on. Beliefs, without trying to be the wolf is definitely at least one wolf preventing you from reaching your end result.

This full day program will walk you through setting actionable Intentions. Life is Magical and your 2016 is only limited by the thoughts you choose. This workshop will briefly take you through beliefs; emotions; taking action; instincts, hunches, dreams and desires to faith and the magical Universe. **Faith means having confidence in something you cannot see. This class is NOT aligned with any Religion and as the instructor, I believe whatever word you choose for your Divinity is simply one word you hold dear, but most importantly, one means where we are ONE with the creator.

I hope to see you at Healing Harmony Wellness Center, Saturday, December 5th, 9 – 4 pm.

Opt to add the VIP dinner with myself and my special guest flying in from New York, Cynthia Farina, Intuitive Guide. You will have continued personalized attention on this topic and your 2016 Intentions. Click here for more information.

Which Wolf are You Feeding? Get clarity and direction for 2016.