Why Hire A Life Coach

Why do people hire business and life coaches? Because we tend to live more out of habit than out of intention. We wake up on the same side of the bed each day, follow our morning routines without thought of changing anything. We also tend to drive the same way to and from work, ask the very same questions in how to resolve any concerns we may have, and we listen to the same music. What are we doing new? What do we explore new? Do we even try? Do we know where to begin? Time marches on and many of us who’ve reached middle age have mid-life crises. Why is that? We own our lives. We have made the choices in our lives and yet, after a health scare, after a certain age, awareness, a check-in with our life invokes panic because we find we are not living the life we dream of.

These are the very reasons to wake up and hire a coach, a mentor, if you will. What do you dream for and your not currently living? It’s taking stock of what’s not working and realizing that if you’ve just created what you’re not satisfied with you can very well create what you dream of.

What holds us back from taking action? Often doubt and those incessant mind-chatter feelings of ‘I’m not enough’ stop us from pursuing exactly what we want. Perhaps we don’t want to hurt people if we change anything in our lives. Perhaps we perceive a risk too great to step beyond the comfort to explore and go for our dreams. After all, our habits support something we have found quite comfortable. 95 to 97% of people who go on diets don’t keep the weight off after 1 to 5 years. I’m one of them, at least so far. **I have my own coach now too. We live out of habit from the same pattern of thoughts we think, from the same beliefs we created. If our thoughts and beliefs drive the same behavior after all of these many years do you really think you will change anything without someone testing your old habits, asking you NEW questions, shifting old perspectives? As an Infinite Possibilities trainer and Law of Attraction life coach as well as having been a successful corporate executive I would submit that most people don’t take the step over the cliff until pushed. That’s why so many people really do change their eating habits after they have gotten quite sick or stopped smoking because they’ve had a significant scare.

I’m here to tell you I see people shift their lives in 1 hour of my coaching. I specialize in using left and right brain techniques that teaches one to begin to use their ‘whole brain’ and form new pathways of thinking. Neurons begin to fire a different way. Think differently then your old beliefs that really don’t serve you begin to change as well. Shift Happens!!! Everybody needs to anchor these new beliefs by taking action, learning new tools. I provide anchoring tools so that you have new actions to take or recall feelings of being totally empowered from self-discovery exercises I take you through. You rediscover you are the hero, the director, the ultimate manifestor of your life and that power, that force, then propels you into the directions of your desired outcomes and ultimate dreams. You discover beliefs that now serve you through my coaching exercises. You discover how to think differently by being exposed to tools that you have never considered using before. Quantum science is an emerging field that is proving how our energy fields expand with the thoughts we think. I just want to be the one coach to help you discover how big your world really can be! 🙂 It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s powerful!

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